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Opportunities To S-E-R-V-E

First lets talk about the difference between

volunteering and serving


I will give you what I want to give; When I want to give it; How i want to give it.


A Servant gives based on their masters wishes. A servant leader is a servant first. A person who makes every effort to give without expecting anything in return.


"Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor serving the Lord."

Romans 12:11

       We need to remember that it is not God who is lucky to have you and me in His service: we are the ones who are privileged to have a role, large or small, in advancing His kingdom. There is a distinct difference between those who volunteer out of obligation and those who feel called by God to serve. It's not that volunteering is bad; it's just that there is a deeper level of commitment, joy, and reward with those who know their calling is from God. 

       In 1 Timothy 1:12 Paul says, "I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that He considered me faithful, appointing me to His service." Paul's ministry was not some routine act of volunteerism he did out of guilt or obligation. It was a special calling from God. That same calling on Paul is for those in the church. 

       The following is a list of differences between people who merely volunteer in the church versus those who see they are called by God to serve the church: 

1.) Volunteers see their involvement at church as doing the world a favor, but Servants of God see it as a ministry. To Servants of God, ministry is not to be taken lightly. It's important to work with eternal ramifications. It's an honor and a privilege from God. 

2.) Volunteers put more weight on what it's going to cost to serve, but people who are called are committed to serving. Servants of God see themselves a stewards of the gifts God has given them. Serving becomes a priority in their lives; they try to schedule around their service commitments instead of trying to work service opportunities into their busy schedule. 

3.) Volunteers shrink back from resolving relational conflict, but Servants of God seek to resolve relational conflict for the sake of unity in the church. People called of God know it would be disobedient to live in conflict with another believer so instead they try to resolve relational conflict in a godly way. (Matthew 18)

4.) Volunteers look upon meetings/trainings as another commitment they're obligated to fulfill, but Servants of God look forward to meetings/ trainings as another opportunity to be used by God. Meetings, trainings, setting up or tearing down, and cleaning up can be significant serving opportunities to people who are called of God. 

5.) Volunteers do NO outside practicing or preparation, but Servants of God come as prepared as possible. Some people will do just enough to get by. Servants of God want to glorify the Lord with their God-given talents so they give God their best.

6.) Volunteers are not open to constructive criticism; they get defensive about it. But Servants of God are grateful for feedback because they want to be the best they can be. As a result, they're open to suggestions and direction concerning their work.

7.) Volunteers feel threatened by the talent of others, but people called of God praise Him for distributing gifts and talents as He chooses, instead of being threatened by every new addition to the team. 

8.) Volunteers want to quit at the first sign of adversity or discouragement, but Servants of God desire perseverance. No church is perfect, but for that matter, none of us is the perfect church member, either. When there's a problem, people called of God don't sit back and complain or dump it all on the leader. They pray. They choose to become part of the solution instead of part of the problem. They realize that when God calls us to serve, He never abandons us. He's always there to lead us thought any difficulties we may face. 

9.) Volunteers find their main source of fulfillment in their talents and abilities, but Servants of God know that being used of God is the most fulfilling thing you can do with your life. Servants of God strive to fulfill, Isaiah 6:8, "Lord, I'm available. I'll do whatever you want. Here I am, send me."

Source: The Heart of the Artist
By: Rory Noland

Opprotunties to Serve Within HCC

Carrying Cleaning Supplies

Janitorial/Cleaning Service

We are looking for an individual to head up cleaning our building. This needs to be done each week, with sanitation policies followed. 

Live Guitar

Instrumentalists for

Worship Team

We are looking for dedicated individuals who can play instruments to join our worship team. We are currently looking for a keyboardist, drummer, lead guitar, and acoustic guitar.

Shaking Hands

Church Greeters

We are looking for a few individuals who are generally positive people, enjoy smiling, and like fellowship, to greet everyone at our doors.  

Security Guard

Safety Team Members

We are looking for a few individuals to join our safety team. Just a Sunday morning or two a month to keep our HCC family safe. 

Creative people brainstorming in meeting

Event Planner

We are looking for an individual who is gifted in event planning for our church. Must be orgainized and have a passion for fun.

Kids Painting

Children's Ministry Assistants

We are looking for a few individuals who love children to assist our leaders on a Sunday morning or two a month.



We are looking ushers to assist the congregation and leaders if help is needed. In a rotation just a Sunday or two a month.

Stage Lights


We are looking for an individual who understands atmosphere lighting, and following the spirit with lighting, each Sunday morning. 

Video Camera

Video Taping & Editing

We are looking for an individual who is gifted in recording and editing video. To record our sermons each Sunday.


If you are interested in any open service position posted here. Please send cover letter and resume to
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